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"Terra & Mare" Collaboration Pipe Box Set

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Image of "Terra & Mare" Collaboration Pipe Box Set

"Earth & Sea"
The idea of this set was formed at the 2018 Chicago Pipe Show where we were, very graciously, given a LARGE block of Italian Briar by Manno himself. After visiting the SEM table to find some limited edition ebonite rod, the decision was made to make 2 pipes. Dustin worked on the pieces, and sent one to Yiannos in Cyprus... and the other to Brian in Oregon. The result was fantastic!

Artists involved in collaboration:

•Pipe design and shaping by:
Dustin Franc

•Rustication and finish "Terra" pipe by:
Brian Orton

•Driftwood finish and stain "Mare" pipe by:
Yiannos Kokkinos

•All box design and finish work done by:
Yiannos Kokkinos